Seattle Seahawks’ Russell Wilson Receives All-Around Award

Delbert “Del” Yocam leverages decades of experience as a technology executive to serve as managing partner of Yocam Holdings, LLC, in Bellevue, Washington. Outside of his professional responsibilities, Delbert Yocam enjoys following local sports teams, particularly the Seattle Seahawks.

Each year, the United States Sports Academy selects one athlete to receive the Jim Thorpe All-Around Award, celebrating his or her accomplishments across several sports or in several events in the same sport. Named for 1912 Olympic pentathlete and decathlete Jim Thorpe, the award recognizes an individual who demonstrates a wide range of athletic abilities, including flexibility, training, and versatility. For 2015, the award went to Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson.

The Seahawks signed Russell Wilson to their roster during the third round of the 2012 NFL Draft. Throughout his career, he has proven his adaptability on the field. A former pro baseball player, Wilson possesses a range of skills as a quarterback and remains unpredictable to opponents. In the last three NFL seasons, Wilson has achieved a pass completion rate of 63.4 percent and more than 1,800 running yards.